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Terms of Services (ToS), Terms of Use (ToU) and legal notice are the contracts between you and your users

In every litigation the applicable law are the ToS/ToU of your website and your legal notice. Neglect them will expose yourself to great legal risk


Publishing a website without legal information is like driving around in a car without license plates!

Lucas Sztandarowski
AwA’s legal advisor


It’s a perfect analogy. The absence of a legal mention is in itself punishable by criminal penalties of up to 1 year’s imprisonment and a fine of 75 000€, multiplied by 5 in the case of corporate entities (article 6, III, 1 et VI, 2 LCEN law).

Having an irregular legal notice on your website lead to a prison sentence


In France the Tribunal de grande instance de Paris, the 10th july 2019 sentenced a politician of this punishment despite his parliamentary immunity.



Stay safe and in good standing with AwA !

If you provide services or sell products you must have a Term of Services/ Term of User/Term of Delivering.

In fact, these contracts govern all your sales. A lack of terms will end in a criminal pursuit and an end of any litigation in favor of your client.


Our legal team is experienced redacting any types of contracts and engage their professional liability.

Say goodbye to any legal issue and join our network of clients we legally protect, taking into account the specificities of each of their projects.

They trust us

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Meet our leader legal advisor


Lucas Sztandarowski

Legal advisor

Lucas Sztandarowski has a unique story. Known in the world of the fight against cybercrime for his book “The true cybercrime” and his blog Cyberdefenseur, he supervised the IT infrastructure of the international law firm Eternos Corporation while practicing as a legal advisor.

I’ve always been passionate about web and software development. So I followed development trainings in order to acquire a certain autonomy in this field. My childhood dream being to become a legal advisor, I managed to combine the two domains.

Thanks to an in-depth study of cybercrime, he has managed to acquire rare skills to counter this now inevitable threat.
He will help you to structure your legal strategies using the latest digital technologies.

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⚖️ Drafting of CGU / CGV and legal notices ⚖️

⚖️ Drafting of CGU / CGV and legal notices ⚖️

Follow the different steps to say goodbye to the risk of failure to write CGU / CGV and legal notices


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⚖️ We will bring you into compliance ⚖️

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⚖️Other type of legal compliance

You may be missing essential legal documents ...

The penalty for violating the GDPR is a fine of up to 4% of the annual global turnover.

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The GDPR is the European data protection regulation. Our lawyers can attest to the compliance of your application with these standards while affixing a badge committing their professional responsibility.

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If you do not have a data protection officer (DPO) note "no", you will be assigned one.

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To limit your liability, we can write a delegation of power to have someone other than you convicted in the event of a dispute (incurs additional costs and require their consent)

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