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⚖️ GDPR and CCPA compliance

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Avoid closing your business & a fine of 4% of your income

Not being in compliance with GDPR & CCPA may result in the closure of your business and a fine


All of the websites accessible in European Union must be compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If your website is not compliant you may be fined.

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How much is a GDPR fine?

🚨 The record for now is 20 millions euros. In fact, the fine could reach 4% of the annual income of your corporation.



Don’t take that risk and get yourself in compliance !

Don’t endanger your users, customers are very careful with sites that are compliant with the GDPR. They consider them safer and that can make the difference with your competitors.

Our GDPR compliance audits are carried by legal advisors engaging their professional liability.

Display your RGPD compliance with our badge, this badge certifies your legal compliance with the GDPR by a specialized legal advisor, redirecting them to a custom page of our website authenticating your badge certificate and reassuring your users.

GDPR Badge
CCPA Badge

This badge certifies your legal compliance with the CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act. The CCPA is a protective law similar of the GDPR but in California. Our legal advisor are also competent to help you be compliant with this US law.

Don’t take the risk  and be GDPR/CCPA compliant for yourself and your users.

Meet our leader legal advisor


Lucas Sztandarowski

Legal advisor

Lucas Sztandarowski has a unique story. Known in the world of the fight against cybercrime for his book “The true cybercrime” and his blog Cyberdefenseur, he supervised the IT infrastructure of the international law firm Eternos Corporation while practicing as a legal advisor.

I’ve always been passionate about web and software development. So I followed development trainings in order to acquire a certain autonomy in this field. My childhood dream being to become a legal advisor, I managed to combine the two domains.

Thanks to an in-depth study of cybercrime, he has managed to acquire rare skills to counter this now inevitable threat.
He will help you to structure your legal strategies using the latest digital technologies.

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⚖️ GDPR / CCPA compliance⚖️

⚖️ GDPR / CCPA compliance⚖️

Follow the different steps to say goodbye to the risk of the GDPR / CCPA non-compliance


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⚖️ We will bring you into compliance ⚖️

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Let's talk about security

A CDN allows your site to be faster and more secure. Example: Cloudflare, Amazon ...

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Are emails given to third parties for advertising?

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⚖️Other type of legal compliance

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The penalty for violating the GDPR is a fine of up to 4% of the annual global turnover.

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Individual? Self-employed? Company (in which country (ies))? Company being created?

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The GDPR is the European data protection regulation. Our lawyers can attest to the compliance of your application with these standards while affixing a badge committing their professional responsibility.

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If you do not have a data protection officer (DPO) note "no", you will be assigned one.

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🌟 What features do you have?

Emails are sent regularly containing

Do your users have accounts?

Google analytics is used to accurately measure your audience

You can view or share to social networks

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