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Get a powerful server to get the best of your website

Having an optimized website without a proper server may despite all, result in a slow website.


Now that you have your website, you need to make it available on internet. And for that, you need to order a server online. Yes, but how can you make the right choice and the best configuration for your usage ? Some people tried to do it by themselves, and even tried to configure complex server and it always end the same: they finally ask for an expert to fix all the issues.

Here is an example of different server configuration. Each of them is made for very different needs :

Don’t be like them, and do the right choice, right now!

At AwA, we are mastering every aspects of the web. From website creation to web hosting. And that’s why we have dedicated experts for that field as well, we know it’s something serious that need to be done the right way in order to work as attended an be efficient & secured.


We can configure everything for you:

  • Advanced configuration for Linux server (Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu…)
  • Configuration of any Windows server
  • Perfect optimization of your AWS infrastructure
  • Configuration of LAMP/LEMP web servers
  • Custom mail server
  • Tor Hidden Services configuration (to be on the dark web with a .onion address)
  • Best core configuration & fix core issues
  • Set server-side cache
  • Perfect configuration of threads
  • Many more configuration’s secrets that we keep for us, so that you could own a better server than your competitors 😉

Get the best out of your hosting, ask for a turnkey configuration and save yourself a lot of time!

Our sysadmin team is certified:

Meet our sysadmin team leader

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