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Optimizing your server to reduce by twice your website loading time

An optimized server can drastically improve the speed of any website, especially with the help of caching.


You might think that a server, is “just a server”, that it’s simply made to host your website and run 24/7. Well, you have to know that websites speed is more relative to server optimization than software optimization.


Indeed, an optimized server can easily reduce loading time by 2.8x (according to & our own benchmarks).


How ?


Just by using the right technologies and the best optimization for your usage !


An example from :


Confirmed by our own benchmark :

Benchmark PHP We always carry out tests in order to know the most suitable technology, optimized for the needs of your project.


Then we can add caching methods like OpCache for the code and Redis for you database queries combined to CDN and you will have one of the fastest website !



So make a better investment than paying monthly for resources that are useless because they are poorly optimized.

The purchase of our optimization service is a one-time payment that will last lifetime !

Our team managed over the year to master the most known and effective performance optimization methods. From the basics settings of your website, to your web server, everything can be and MUST be optimized in order to reduce latency and improve resources management.

Poor optimization is also the source of many errors and slowdowns that can directly affect the image of your brand and directly harm the seriousness of your business.



We can optimize everything for you including:

  • Cores optimization for Linux servers (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS…) but also AWS
  • Cores optimization for Windows servers
  • Scale compute resources
  • CPU & memory optimization
  • Nginx migration & optimization to boost speed of your websites
  • Web server performances boost: caching methods, & resources management optimization
  • Web server security implementations: Anti-DDoS, custom security headers, blacklists etc.
  • PHP advanced thread optimizations
  • OpCache implementation & configuration
  • Database advanced optimization
  • REDIS implementation for Database
  • Monitor all of the results medium-term to study the possibilities of future optimizations
  • Some others secrets configuration tweaks from our own 😉


To limit the costs of hosting resources and to have a serious and fast site: optimize

We are specialized and working with the best technology available:


Meet our sysadmin team leader

Katrina Halina

Katrina Halina

Head of the cybersecurity department

Spotted in Russia, Katrina Halina is a hacker who previously underwent the most demanding training in network systems administration in the world at ITMO, the prestigious University of St. Petersburg where she has won numerous awards.

She is also a cybersecurity consultant for the Russian media Sputnik and the French association of cyber jurists.

Hacking has to be at the center of everything for the simple reason that all it takes is one hack to permanently ruin your business.

Her dual skills in cybersecurity & sysadmin make her a versatile element absolutely essential to your digital strategy.

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