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The main cause of website outages comes from the server. If no one is there to maintain it, you risk losing profits.


You probably went into the same situation: you are trying to visit a website and then, you land on an error page saying that the server could not process your request. Someday, that website might be yours.


AwA's Error 503


Here at AwA we have a good-looking error page but in reality it’s more like that:

Without forgetting all the small errors that can appear here and there on your website.

It can waste a lot of time trying to fix them (and which are often badly repaired as you are not a professional), time that you cannot invest in your business. Without a specialist available at any time to fix your server, you incur a lost of profits, lost of visitors and last but not least, your website will go downwards in search engines results, because the availability of the websites (and thus it’s absence of errors) is one of their ranking criteria.


You could lose a lot, so don’t take that risk!

Take advantage today of the AwA’s personalized support to maintain your server up to date, create regular website & database backups and fix occurring errors when needed.


We will save you spare time by doing:

  • Automatically install updates
  • Apply security updates & patchs
  • Constant monitoring web server performance
  • Prevent RAM overflow (swap)
  • Fix errors server-side
  • Create & restore backup on demand
  • Add & update scheduled tasks (crontab)
  • We maintain your website online
  • An emergency? Our support is available 24/7
  • In other words: don’t worry about anything, our sysadmins will always keep an eye on your server to keep him alive without any error

Thanks to us, you could finally breathe because your server will always be maintained!

We are specialized and working with the best technology available:

Meet our sysadmin team leader

Katrina Halina

Katrina Halina

Head of the cybersecurity department

Spotted in Russia, Katrina Halina is a hacker who previously underwent the most demanding training in network systems administration in the world at ITMO, the prestigious University of St. Petersburg where she has won numerous awards.

She is also a cybersecurity consultant for the Russian media Sputnik and the French association of cyber jurists.

Hacking has to be at the center of everything for the simple reason that all it takes is one hack to permanently ruin your business.

Her dual skills in cybersecurity & sysadmin make her a versatile element absolutely essential to your digital strategy.

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