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Make your website impenetrable

One hack might end your activity and expose you to legal sanctions.


Internet connection are omnipresent and as everyone knows, computers and servers are made by human and are by definition not foolproof. The same applies to your website and your server. If you don’t secure them, you are probably exposed to multiples security breach that can lead to the definitive end of your business…

So don’t take any risk, and secure your infrastructure!

As experts, we are more than aware that security nowadays is one of the major aspect that need special care when it comes to make a website or configure a server. That’s why over the years we specialized ourselves on that field.


Here is how we can help you to finally get secure:

  • Full pentest audit (a hacker will perform a controled attack against your infrastructure) to get a list of the breach present on your website and fix them
  • Server-side hardening including core modifications
  • XSS/SQL/upload injection prevention
  • Secure cryptographic storage
  • Fix broken authentication and session management
  • Secure direct object references
  • Fix all security misconfiguration
  • Restrict access to all sensitive data to avoid exposure
  • Make sure you have a sufficient transport layer protection
  • Apply usefull redirects and forwards
  • Others secrets security optimization 😉

Avoid to loose all of your business caused a simple lack of security and give your customers the security they deserve !

Don’t wait any longer join our group of serene customers that know they are secured from regular hacks:

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