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Break records of speed

If people have to wait more than 3 seconds to get your website, they will leave it for another one.


We are living in a world where everything has to be fast. Websites is no exception. If your website is slow, then people will get tired and go to another website that might be your competitor. You want your website to load under 3 seconds, otherwise you will significantly loose visitors (link to the Google study).

Take a look here, to a regular non-optimized website before and after we optimized it:


Speed optimization before / after GTmetrix benchmark’s results (click here to test our website)

With our team at your side, your website will finally be as fast as you would expect it to be. A fast website means more visitors, more clients and thus, more benefits on your side. Even search engines take into account the loading speed of your website. And if it’s slow, you will loose position.

You have no choice, if you want your website to succeed: you need to optimize its speed.


We can help you make your website fast in several ways:

  • GT Metrix / PageSpeed & YSlow score improvement
  • Bug & Error Fixes
  • Google Fonts & Analytics Optimization
  • Redirect Request Size Minimization
  • Cache implementation ( browser, website & server side)
  • Pictures resizing, optimization & lazy-loading
  • Remove unused code from website CMS & plugins
  • Code minification
  • DNS & link prefetching
  • Reduce excessive DOM Size
  • Data compression (gzip)
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • SQL database queries optimization
  • Server speed optimization
  • Usage of CDN & new technologies (aws, nitro…)
  • And a lot more of others secrets optimization 😉

Stop suffering from a slow website, let us optimize it!

Don’t wait any longer

join our group of customers that own a website as fast as lightning:

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Meet our expert lead developer

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COO & lead developer

Holding of the 2019 cyber-jurist award young IT talent, Thomas is a french very well known developer for his work on Hootis. Websites, algorithms, scripts and API development…

There is no difficulty for me, only challenges to overcome.

Nothing scares him! He is in charge of the most ambitious & difficult projects with a multidisciplinary team from Europe selected as one of the best.

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