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CCPA Badge

The CCPA Compliance Badge is awarded to companies and individuals who have been brought into compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by the AwA’s experts.

The CCPA compliance is certified by Lucas Sztandarowski, CCPA legal advisor for Acinonyx Web Agency, engaging his legal professional responsibility.


Certification date: [date of certification]

Website limited badge

This badge is granted & limited only to the website which has benefited from an CCPA audit and full compliance. Any other site owned by the company or by individuals does not benefit from the guarantee offered by this badge.


URL of the website benefiting from the badge :


What is the CCPA compliance?

The main goal of the CCPA is to protect the data of consumers and give them more controls on how they are used.

CCPA applies to any for-profit businesses in the world that sells the personal information of more than 50,000 California residents annually, or have an annual gross revenue exceeding $25 million, or derives more than 50 percent of its annual revenue from selling the personal information of California residents. (

If a company don’t comply with the CCPA rules, the fine can go up to $7,500 per violation and $750 per affected user in civil damages for businesses.