The concept 🧪

Protect My Copyright has been awarded best europe legaltech.

It’s a SaaS solution for protecting digital works by automatically removing them from illegal download sites. Thanks to this service, you can then increase your profitability by avoiding the free sharing of your creations.

When an offense is detected, a legal withdrawal notice is sent to the webmaster, then to the host, then to the host name manager and finally to the file host.

Then lawyers intervene.


Our work 🔨

  • Creation of the website back-end (on Yii2 Framework)
  • Creation of the mail server
  • Webdesign of back-end


The challenges of this project 💪

Automating the detection of pirated works was the biggest challenge. Indeed, this involves browsing the source code of several websites in search of specific elements to recover the titles and links of each pirated creation. Websites are regularly changing their design, this implied having a solution that could adapt to these different changes.

Also, it was necessary to manage false positives through exclusion lists as well as to avoid duplicates as much as possible.



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