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The concept 🧪

Hootis is a SaaS application allowing each client to have their own space made up of various modules. These modules can together constitute an ERP, a CRM, a powerful management tool, a station for customers … or all at the same time!

The application is ideal for entrepreneurs, but also for businesses. Indeed, 3 plans are proposed each one being dedicated to a different category of professionals, thus allowing everyone to pay only the bare necessities.

The tools are powerful and fully integrated within a single interface that only the user has.


Our work 🔨

  • Creation of the website (using both Laravel & Yii2 Frameworks)
  • Webdesign
  • Performance optimization
  • Security optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Hosting
  • Server maintenance


The challenges of this project 💪

In order to optimize the different SaaS components according to the expected needs, two different frameworks are used. Laravel for the account / module management and presentation of the solution, and Yii2 for the installations generated for customers.

The interoperability of the two solutions was therefore the biggest challenge, the two exploiting in particular different encryption technologies, especially since each user has a separate installation both on the server but he also has his own sub -field. All these factors therefore also made it difficult to launch recurring tasks (CRONS) for each installation.



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