The concept 🧪

Billy Shipping is a shipping service offering both parcel and parcel delivery, as well as short-distance motor vehicle transport for home delivery. Several prices can be offered depending on the weight and / or the distance between the transmitter and the receiver.

The site focuses on ergonomics with the help of a sending, registration and payment process broken down into several distinct and simple steps to complete.


Our work 🔨

  • Website creation (from scratch)


Les challenges de ce projet 💪

The site is in essence similar to the competitors such as Boxtal, but more accessible. However, developing such a site that is entirely tailor-made, without a model and with a limited budget, remains a challenge.

Indeed, it was necessary to develop several functionalities in a “hybrid” way in order to reduce development times without removing essential functionalities.

In addition, as it is a custom-developed site, it was also necessary to create the back-office with all the management of users, roles, price rules, orders, etc.



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