The concept 🧪

Creation of a classified ads and directory site. MyCornerStreet is an intermediary between professionals and individuals. One of the strong points of the site, is that this system allows a professional who lacks a client in a certain time slot, to offer discounts to clients passing through the service in order to fill this gap.

The site also allows you to display announcements from advertisers.


Our work 🔨

  • Creation of the website (because of budget restriction, no webdesign)
  • Creation of the web app.


The challenges of this project 💪

All the pre-existing solutions did not fully meet the needs of the client, we therefore had to directly modify several pre-existing modules in order to complete their functionality while linking them to other functionalities of the site.

The budget allocated to the creation of the website & web app. did not include a web designer dedicated to the graphic and UI / UX aspect of the site.

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